30" x 30" Giclée Fine Art Stretched Canvas Print 

Semi-matte finish, mounted over 1.5 inch thick (depth) stretcher bars with solid black color edges. 

Available unframed or framed in black float frame, ready to hang with wire hanger. 


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Acknowledging the perennial allure that monkeys have on me is what sparked the idea for this painting.
I remember being up close with a monkey at the Bronx Zoo, with the monkey staring at my every move while I took pictures of him on my phone. I imagined if I were to drop my iPhone while taking pictures, monkeys are so smart, this is what my phone may look like when I retrieved it. This painting is an exaggeration of what monkeys are capable of. This painting, titled “Lost IPhone,” displays a silly, original concept that makes the viewer wonder: did another monkey take the photo, or did the monkey take a selfie?

Lost iPhone (2019)