With disciplinary inspirations ranging from Jean-Michel Basquiat to Paul Cézanne, Erick's artwork - an amalgam of modernism, surrealism, and the abstract - not only reflects the world around him but the inner workings of those inhabiting that world, their most wicked demons and noble aspirations. 


Erick's love for art is a family affair. His brother, Daniel, is a world-renowned graphic designer and father, Anibal, is an accomplished fine artist known for whimsical mixed-media interpretations of urban landscapes.

"My biggest inspiration is my father. My brother and I would often marvel at his talents as he would hang up his latest works around the house. It was like living in a museum growing up. My earliest memories of my father are of him with a paintbrush in his hand, taking every opportunity to create art, whether it was an acrylic painting, a design carved from a tree branch, or pieces of scrap metal being welded together. His ability to create art out of mixed media was fascinating and unique to see every day. He worked at NYU and would create art on the weekends. My father created art for himself and for our family, without the recognition of being called an "artist." His dedication towards art inspired my brother and myself to create. To this day, my father continues to make art that captures the beauty and complexities of life. I hope one day the world becomes familiarized and inspired by his work the way I am continuously inspired in my everyday existence."

Erick is both an astute student of life and a disciplined academic at his core. He currently holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology, a master's degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and is currently a PhD candidate in Organizational Leadership from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, completing a dissertation on transformational vs. transactional leadership and the effects on team performance.

He also holds a music engineering degree from The Institute of Audio Research in Manhattan, New York.


You can find Erick penning his debut novel in New Jersey, where he resides with his family.