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The Artistic Journey of Erick Mota:

From oil paint to NFTS

Challenging boundaries & capturing emotions


Erick Mota is a visionary artist whose approach to the canvas is fueled by a profound philosophical and introspective understanding of the human experience. With each stroke of the brush, he invites viewers on a journey through the diverse facets of humanity, delving into the raw power of emotions and the shaping influence of culture on our personalities. Through his art, Erick fearlessly explores the complexities of the world around him, transcending the boundaries of visual expression to create pieces that serve as powerful testaments to his unrelenting quest for knowledge and self-discovery.


Erick's artistic repertoire is a rich tapestry of influences, woven together from the threads of his personal experiences, his passion for psychology and organizational leadership, and his unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of those around him. As he continues to refine his unique voice within his craft, Erick remains steadfast in his commitment to helping others and leaving a lasting impression on the world through his art.


Growing up in Staten Island, NY, Mota was surrounded by creativity and encouraged to nurture his own artistic talents. His father, also an artist, helped cultivate a young Erick's passion for learning, reading, writing, drawing, music, sports, and video games. Even at an early age, the introspective and inquisitive child had a fearless spirit, often taking on new challenges, like making comic books with his best friend, which they sold for pocket change.


Summer vacations were spent traveling to Venezuela and California, further enriching Mota's appreciation for life's simple pleasures and the importance of family. With a vivacious personality, he made many friends, some of whom he has remained close with since preschool, even though he was often teased for being a class clown or talking too much in school.


Despite his early creative endeavors, It wasn't until Mota took an introduction to oil painting class at 22 that he found his true calling. Falling in love with the medium, he quickly outgrew the limited palette and invested in more colors and brushes. His exceptional skill level impressed his professor, who encouraged him to take intermediate and advanced oil painting classes, both of which he aced, solidifying Mota's passion and purpose as an artist.


Mota's educational background is extensive and impressive, boasting a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and a Masters of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. He's well on his way to earning a doctorate in Organizational Leadership.


Mota's artistic training is largely self-directed, showcasing his natural talent. He supplements his skills through weekly portrait drawing classes, recognizing the importance of continuous learning in different art forms to broaden his understanding of the styles and media he works with.


Mota's studio is located in his home in Freehold, NJ. His large easels and supplies have filled the space, and Erick has plans for NYC-inspired artwork to decorate the walls. In addition to his own works, Mota has purchased paintings from artists he admires, believing these works help him channel inspiration for his work. 


Mota's creative process is one of precision and intentionality. With an industrial air purifier at his disposal to neutralize strong fumes, he's able to work with oil paints in a seamless and effective manner. As the beats of hip-hop and R&B fill the air, Mota enters his "creative zone" where he's free to explore the intricacies of his craft. Before making a single brush stroke, Mota spends time researching his subject, gathering references, and observing, studying, and capturing the subject in all its glory. This process sets the foundation for his masterpieces, as he meticulously considers the size of the canvas, the colors he wants to use, the ideas he wants to convey, and any hidden details he wants to include in his work.


With a seasoned approach, Mota meticulously prepares his canvas, layering it with gesso and sketching lightly before bringing the artwork to life. Utilizing quick-dry sprays for specific areas, Mota's process is optimized for efficiency without sacrificing quality. Once completed, each piece is signed and protected with a UV sealant, ensuring its longevity for generations to come.


As Mota continues to refine his craft, he takes calculated risks to push boundaries and challenge conventional norms. With a newfound sense of confidence, he creates art for himself and invites the world to experience it on their own terms. Openly discussing the underlying meanings behind each piece, whether through social media or in person, Mota invites audiences to delve deeper into his work and uncover its hidden treasures.


The evolution of Mota's artistic expression is an ongoing journey of self-discovery, marked by a growing confidence and vulnerability in sharing his vision with the world. As his body of work expands, Mota has found a sense of direction that guides his creative pursuits. His versatility as an artist shines through in his paintings, each one its own story, with a range of subjects that showcase his artistic range.


Mota's art stands out for its innovative use of psychological elements that evoke emotions and engage the viewer. He weaves together titles, imagery, and the positioning of subjects to create timeless pieces that touch the soul. Mota's approach to art is grounded in humility, yet fueled by an unwavering passion to grow and learn. He is dedicated to elevating his art to the highest level of knowledge and intellect through rigorous study and analysis.

In his quest for artistic innovation, Mota has ventured into the realm of digital art, crafting mesmerizing NFT animations that elevate his paintings to new heights. Staying ahead of the curve, he actively explores virtual galleries and art markets to stay relevant in the art world.


Mota's art stands out for his fearless approach to experimentation and constant evolution. Guided by the words of 2Pac, "You either evolve or you disappear," he pushes the boundaries of his practice and strives to improve with each piece.


With a presence in prestigious galleries such as the Greenpoint Gallery, Van Der Plas Gallery in Lower East Side, NYC, One Art Space Gallery in TriBeCa, The Ketchup Gallery and Brooklyn Art Cave in Brooklyn, as well as various locations all over NYC, Mota is a rising force in the art world. Mota has an upcoming solo booth in the 2023 Art Expo NY, a Times Square display with Artist Talk Magazine in June 2023, and scheduled for a solo booth at Spectrum Miami 2023 at Art Basel in Miami Beach in December, as well as several exhibitions scheduled in NYC. 

Mota has amassed a noteworthy collection of awards, including the prestigious Voices of Tomorrow International Art Award from Contemporary Art Curator Magazine and the Faces of Peace International Art Award from the same publication, as well as the coveted Donatello International Prize, Leonardo da Vinci International Prize, and Pegasus International Prize.


Mota's artistic portfolio showcases standout works, including the transformative "Spirit Animal" and the dynamic "The Game of Life," which was brought to life as a captivating NFT animation. The latter work was also honored with a momentous digital display in the heart of Times Square, New York City.


Through personal interactions with art aficionados at gallery exhibitions, Mota relishes the opportunity to delve into the motivations behind his pieces and share his creative vision. He carefully curates his professional partnerships, from art coaches to clients, to ensure that their perspectives align with his artistic pursuits.


Mota is a true believer in the transformative power of art. To him, it's a tool for self-expression, a bridge between cultures, and a window into the soul. He sees art as a way for people to tap into their inner artists and communicate emotions that words can't capture.


With an impressive list of accolades, exhibitions, and recognition, Mota is quickly making a name for himself in the art world. His work is known for its emotional depth, versatility, and innovative use of digital and traditional mediums. Despite his growing success, Mota is humble and driven, constantly pushing himself to grow as an artist and exceed his own expectations.


Mota's art embodies his dedication to capturing the human experience. With tireless effort, he continually hones his skills and takes on new challenges, driven by a desire to grow as an artist. "I constantly strive to better myself, sharpening my skills and embracing growth," says Mota.


Whether through his timeless paintings, thought-provoking digital art, or his inspiring words, Mota continues to leave a lasting impact on the art world and those who encounter his work. With limitless opportunities ahead, there is no doubt that he will continue to push boundaries and inspire.

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