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A Toast To Eternity (2023) 

Original 20" x 24" 

Oil on canvas

Comes framed for additional price or unframed with wire hanger ready to hang 

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity


"A Toast To Eternity" is a tongue-in-cheek piece of contemplative art that makes a comment on the ‘live fast, die young’ lifestyle. This oil on canvas depicts a smartly dressed man with what appears to be blood on his hands, showing that he — like all of us — are slaves to mortality. He clasps his glass of champagne, which seems at juxtaposition with his desire to ‘Live Forever,’ a message emblazoned in red across the space where his face would be. Perched on his shoulders is a broken TV screen made from obsolete tech (note the red, yellow, and white RCA ports and large push on/off switch), suggesting that at one point we were all young and trendy — but, like everything in life, will one day fade from existence.

A Toast To Eternity (2023)

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