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11.7" x 7.8" Rectangle Slate Print 


Artwork sublimated/infused on slate rock 

*Includes a set of table top stands for easy display on any shelf, desk, or table top 

*Unique chiseled edges ensures no two stone prints are exactly alike

*Scratch resistant




This oil painting of Alicia Keys captures a mesmerizing moment from her unforgettable performance at the Grammys in 2019. Titled "Alicia," this artwork epitomizes her musical prowess and enchanting stage presence. The painting portrays Alicia Keys in the midst of a magical performance, where she defies the boundaries of possibility by simultaneously playing two pianos. Vibrant, but soft strokes of color bring the scene to life, reflecting the intimate and magical energy of the performance. Alicia's passion and dedication is captured through her intense gaze and dynamic body language. The pianos themselves become extensions of her musical expression, with the keys dancing under her agile fingers. Beyond the surface, the painting represents admiration for Alicia Keys' extraordinary talent and innovation. It symbolizes the belief in the power of pushing boundaries and embracing one's unique abilities to create something truly remarkable. "Alicia" serves as a tribute to the artist's awe-inspiring performance and a celebration of the magic that can unfold when artistry and talent intertwine.

Alicia (2023) Stone Prints

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