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Chromatic Raccoon (2021) 

Original 24" x 36" 

Oil on canvas

Black float frame 

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity


A unique piece of colorful raccoon art

Viewed in the world as nothing more than a scavenger, scurrying from one trash can to another, I see a resourceful creature recycling the materials of the world for his own needs, perfecting the art of adaptability. The spiritual meaning of raccoons represent a guiding force, able to help those in a mess deal with problems effortlessly and deal with the darker aspects of one’s life. In dreams, raccoons represent a warning or a need to safeguard family and loved ones from danger. The chromatic side of the raccoon in the painting reminds us that while being resourceful, we can also be colorful, imaginative, and stimulating, as reality and dreams become one.

Chromatic Raccoon (2021)

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