24" x 36" Giclée Fine Art Stretched Canvas Print 

Semi-matte finish, mounted over 1.5 inch thick (depth) stretcher bars with solid black color edges. 

Available unframed or framed in black float frame, ready to hang with wire hanger. 


Free Shipping in USA.


Contemporary artwork offering a new view of the city

New York at sunset – if there is a skyline more captivating in the world, I have yet to see it. In 'Concrete Jungle,' I set out to capture the juxtaposition between nature and progress. While the scene looks serene, almost static, the warm tones of the sky, punctuated by the tall masculine shapes of the skyscrapers, lend the viewer some insight into the inner heart of the city. Even in peaceful scenes, this is a place of work, of struggle, the infinite battle between natural elements (the sky and water) and man’s progression towards civilization (the concrete materials and the ferry, which conquered the river).

Concrete Jungle (2020)