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"Digress 2" Limited Edition Print

19" x 16" Metallic Fine Art Print 

*(Image is 15” x 12”  - with 2" border making full size 19” x 16”)

*Limited edition of 30

*Handsigned and numbered

*Includes Certificate of Authenticity 


Printed on 10-mil, 255g Moab Slickrock Metallic Pearl paper, designed to enhance each image into a lifelike, almost 3D quality. The metallic enhancement of the paper's high gloss makes it uniquely sharp, vibrant, and exceptionally rich-looking, making each limited edition print stand out from the others. 




The sequel in the Digress series - this painting further represents how life unexpectedly digresses in a direction we didn’t plan or prepare for.
Studying Freudian dream interpretations in my psychology undergrad, sparked a fascination with the meaning of owls.
Symbolizing transformation, intuitive development, knowledge, and wisdom, owls can be interpreted to represent changes within our lives that seek protection, luck, hope, and transitionary states.
According to Freud, white owls in a dream signifies a meeting with a person, who will change your world, is waiting for you. The emotional signature attached to the dream makes one aware of the of the energetic impact it is having on one’s waking life, while the color can describe the energy or emotions one is currently working through.
Similar to “Digress,” this painting “Digress 2” is also meant to portray “balanced chaos,” in which a masterpiece could be created within the mess. It differs from the first painting, by flipping everything 180 degrees and using opposite colors (dark colors converted to brighter colors), symbolizing growth, an evolved perspective, and intuitive development.

Digress 2 (2020) Limited Edition Print

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