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Digress 3 (2022) 

Original 24" x 30" 

Oil on canvas

Black float frame 

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity


“Digress 3” is the newest one in the ‘Digress’ series, which further symbolizes how life unexpectedly digresses in ways we didn’t plan or prepare for. Owls can be interpreted to represent transformative change, intuition, intellect, wisdom, and understanding. According to Freud, red owls in a dream represent negativity being pushed out of the subconscious. The opinions of others, the fast pace of life, the weak and vulnerable state of a person, are all represented when red owls enter a dream, as they seek togetherness in a life that is out of control. The color red describes one’s energy and emotional signature as a message from the subconscious to pay attention to seemingly small decisions that can have significant consequences. The red owls can also represent ambition and passion, suggesting a pursuit of a goal with a single-minded focus and determination while dealing with “balanced chaos” as life digresses.

Digress 3 (2022)

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