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11.7" x 7.8" Rectangle Slate Print 


Artwork sublimated/infused on slate rock 

*Includes a set of table top stands for easy display on any shelf, desk, or table top 

*Unique chiseled edges ensures no two stone prints are exactly alike

*Scratch resistant




"King James" is an evocative painting capturing the electrifying presence of basketball legend LeBron James during his tenure with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The canvas brims with a vibrant energy as James, portrayed in vibrant, colorful detail, stands tall at center stage. Bathed in a spotlight's glow, he prepares to perform his iconic chalk toss, a ritualistic prelude to his game-time dominance. The brushstrokes recreate his commanding figure, radiating strength and determination in this oil painting of LeBron James. The colorful figure of LeBron against the black and white of the background creates a powerful juxtaposition, amplifying the anticipation and awe of the crowd surrounding James, while portraying him as a symbol of greatness. In the backdrop, the raucous sea of cheering fans fills the stadium, their faces animated with fervor and anticipation. The artist's masterful use of contrasting color and monochromatic tones brings the crowd to life, capturing their unyielding loyalty and support for their beloved team leader. "King James" encapsulates the essence of LeBron James as a sporting icon, his pre-game ritual serving as a metaphor for the unwavering dedication and passion he brings to the court, inspiring millions around the world.

The original painting contains over 25 carats of diamond dust sprinkled throughout, imitating chalk, as it shines bright under the lights.



King James (2023) Stone Prints

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