22" x 28" Giclée Fine Art Stretched Canvas Print 

Semi-matte finish, mounted over 1.5 inch thick (depth) stretcher bars with solid black color edges. 

Available unframed or framed in black float frame, ready to hang with wire hanger. 


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Click here for information on smaller and larger sizes available 11" x 14" and 44" x 56" sizes, framed and unframed) 


A lion on a beach in the distance. This was the image that came to me in 2018, during a shamanic drumming ritual that took place during my residency. I was not a believer or practitioner of shamanism, and yet, this brief experience led me to reconsider my beliefs. Shamanic drumming lulls the mind into a theta wave cycle, a state between wakefulness and sleep. It was during this period that I saw grayish-blue lights, and pawprints in the sand. I had discovered my spirit animal, the lion, and months later, was able to correlate this great beast with experiences in my own life. I hope admirers can find strength in this lion painting.

Spirit Animal (2018)