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Unconditional Love (2023) 

Original 24" x 48" 

Oil on canvas

Comes framed for additional price or unframed with wire hanger ready to hang 

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity


This cityscape oil painting, featuring knife swipes and slices in vivid hues, explores the slings and arrows of love in all its glory. To the center of this romantic wall art, a young couple stands on the crosswalk of a busy city as the world blurs around them. The man is on one knee proposing to the woman, who’s dressed in vibrant red. Only they remain in focus, oblivious to the impending danger of traffic as it approaches. Much like real-life love, the piece is both insular and grand, showing the intimacy between the couple and the wider world that they navigate. 

Unconditional Love (2023)

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