24" x 30" Giclée Fine Art Stretched Canvas Print 

Semi-matte finish, mounted over 1.5 inch thick (depth) stretcher bars with solid black color edges. 

Available unframed or framed in black float frame, ready to hang with wire hanger. 


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Click here for information on smaller sizes available (8x10 and 16x20 sizes, framed and unframed) 



Mythology art for spiritual souls

Of all the creatures in the mythological world, few hold as much meaning as the unicorn. It was the unicorn that in ancient India and Mesopotamia was said to bring restorative health to those who drank from its horn. Here in the Western world, it is attributed to purity. Only those with the purest of hearts may be able to see and tame the beast. This giclee fine art print depicts a unicorn with a swirling torrent of color behind it. This circular pattern represents God, the self, and the cyclical nature of life making way for rebirth.

Unicorn Dream (2020)