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"Unique New York" Limited Edition Print

22" x 16" Metallic Fine Art Print 

*(Image is 18” x 12”  - with 2" border making full size 22” x 16”)

*Limited edition of 30

*Handsigned and numbered

*Includes Certificate of Authenticity 


Printed on 10-mil, 255g Moab Slickrock Metallic Pearl paper, designed to enhance each image into a lifelike, almost 3D quality. The metallic enhancement of the paper's high gloss makes it uniquely sharp, vibrant, and exceptionally rich-looking, making each limited edition print stand out from the others. 




Bright lights, Broadway shows, yellow taxis on all avenues. We all know New York is the city that never sleeps. Whether you’re there for a lifetime, or just one night, it’s always an adventure. I have always been captivated by the New York skyline, and in this iconic Brooklyn bridge canvas painting, I aim to show the city in a new way. I imagine the Brooklyn bridge in vibrant, grassy green—a symbol of nature taking over, while glistening city skyscrapers stand tall in the background. This painting brings a sense of peace and calm onto a city that’s brimming with energy.

Unique New York (2021) Limited Edition Print

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