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Vulva Volvo (2022) 

Original 20" x 30" 

Oil on canvas

Black float frame 

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity


The inspiration for this Vulva painting derived from my teenage self, but the meaning runs much deeper. My father has a thick Venezuelan accent and, when he would refer to the family car that was a gray Volvo at the time, it literally sounded like he was saying “Vulva.” I found this humorous at the time, but did not foresee that it would evolve into a painting many years later with an entirely different meaning to me. Although the vulva is surrounded by a world designed by and for men, she sits comfortably in the driver's seat and confidently, representing empowerment for females, as she speeds down the road in the safety of her Volvo. Despite living in a man’s world, you can bet that women will always show up at the steering wheel and navigate their way through the toughest of obstacles.

Vulva Volvo (2022)

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