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11.7" x 7.8" Rectangle Slate Print 


Artwork sublimated/infused on slate rock 

*Includes a set of table top stands for easy display on any shelf, desk, or table top 

*Unique chiseled edges ensures no two stone prints are exactly alike

*Scratch resistant




In this captivating painting, the Wu-Tang Clan takes center stage, their electrifying performance immortalized in black and white strokes while their iconic “W” hangs above, a stunning visual focal point radiating a golden glow that contrasts against the grayscale palette. Quick, vibrant brush strokes in muted tones depict the atmosphere of the crowd as it crackles with undeniable energy. On stage, each band member commands their respective spot, exuding the essence of hip-hop mastery. The giant yellow W serves as a symbolic representation of the group's iconic logo, signifying their indomitable presence and enduring legacy. It hovers above them like a guardian spirit, encapsulating their unity, strength, and musical prowess. The vibrant hue of the W signifies the vibrant spirit of their lyrical brilliance, adding a vivid burst of color to an otherwise monochromatic canvas. This Wu-Tang Clan painting is a testament to their artistic mastery and impact on the world of music, capturing their dynamic performance and the enduring symbol that has come to define their legacy.

Wu-Tang Forever (2023) Stone Print

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