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Yeezy Season Approaching (2023) 

Original 20" x 24" 

Oil on canvas

White float frame

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity


“Yeezy Season Approaching” captures the vibrant essence of a Kanye West concert during his Saint Pablo tour. In this painting of Kanye West, the intention was to express the electrifying atmosphere of the event, set against the iconic backdrop of Madison Square Garden. The centerpiece of the artwork is a floating stage, seemingly defying gravity, upon which Kanye West commands the spotlight. Flickers of light paintbrush strokes depict the crowd below and above in the stands, revealing the energy and excitement. In the top right corner, cleverly hidden amidst the artistic tapestry, lies a reflection of Patrick Ewing's retired "33" jersey, paying homage to the historical significance of Madison Square Garden as a hub of both music and basketball. Through bold brushstrokes and a vibrant color palette, the painting emanates the exhilarating energy experienced by the artist firsthand. It is a testament to the transformative power of music and the unforgettable memories forged in the presence of great performers.

Yeezy Season Approaching (2023)

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